Dear colleagues,

so far as both you and Canopus Innovative Technologies deal with companies which need your professional services as well as our professional software for solving various problems in financial sphere, we invite you to partnership.

The aim is to offer your customers complex solutions combining your services with our software. It will help you realize your goals more efficiently and affordably having an extra income for your company.

We can help your clients which need the quality software upon:

  • financial flows managing
  • corporate treasury setting up
  • payment systems foundation
  • prepaid card programmes foundation

New opportunities will furnish your business with additional income and increase the set of services you provide. No obligations or investment required.

As a result of cooperation with Canopus you get:

  • additional income (with zero investments)
  • expansion of the provided services
  • potential increase of customer’s base (for account of new traffic of requests from Canopus)

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