Comprehensive solution

We offer turn-key payment business creation services together with our partners, as well as management advice and organizational infrastructure building.
Comprehensive solution

PayAlly payment service

Fully integrated payments ecosystem for small to medium e-commerce businesses and personal use
Payment accounts
Merchant accounts
Corporate and employee prepaid cards
Internal, local and international payments
Currency exchange
Card fraud prevention
Accounting module
E-commerce gateway
Supply chain payments CMS
E-commerce CMS
Employee salary payments

GetService hoster

Professional hosting, advanced server equipment
Creating virtual and selling physical servers
Placement of client`s equipment in GetService data centers
Installation of corporative IP-BPX and subsequent maintenance
Introducing hardware and software systems for Bitrix
Launching services based on VMWare software
Domain and SSL certificates registration

We will advice on Canopus EpaySuite and other Canopus products