Public payment services: acceptance of payments in behalf of service providers and money remmiters. Ideal for bank paying agents and settlement aggregators.
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Feature Set

Connect Connect

System advantages:

How it works

Canopus Connect is a solution consisting of interconnected modules that ensure operation of all process participants:

  • administrator module
  • operator module
  • "Cashier's Work Station" module
  • payment site

Benefits for each category of stakeholders

Benefits for the system owner
  • Quickly added service providers.
  • Flexible fee adjustment (department, supplier, amount, percent and/or fixed amount).
  • Management and operational reporting on payments, cashiers, and service providers.
  • Operations with cash, card payments and Internet payments.
  • Acceptance of payments in person and via the site.
  • Sale of own goods and services in own offices.
  • About 20 ready-to-use integrations (for instance, "Rostelecom", "Cyberplat", "MosoblEIRC", "Mosoblgaz", "Mosenergosbyt", "Centel", "Ecotelekom", "Promsvyazbank", and "Unistream").
  • The access rights differentiation system.
  • Download for accountants.
  • Automatic replenishment of the client base due to convenience of the personal account on the payment site.
Benefits for service providers
  • Enhances loyalty of actual and prospective customers through provisioning a variety of familiar and convenient payment methods.
  • No need to change your formats and/or data exchange protocols, since the system will be adapted to the supplier.
  • Reduction of operating load and costs related to receipt of payments, cash and cash collection down to zero.
  • Potentially realized benefits: sale of universal web-office to service providers.
Benefits for end payers
  • Payment both via the Internet and directly at an office in cash and by credit card.
  • Transfer of IMD readings along with payment for utility services.
  • Opportunity to find out the charges and debts when paying.
  • Viewing the history and status of the payments made via the site, on the payment site personal account.
  • Quick filling out of payment documents on the site from own templates on the payment site personal account.
  • Detailed information about the payment on the receipt.
What kind of payments can be accepted
Utility services
Gas, electricity, intercom, antenna, water supply.
Automatic barriers and gates in the local area, security, alarm.
Retail money transfers, funds adding to e-wallets.
Early development centers, kindergartens, schools, children's arts and crafts centers.
Satellite and cable TV, Internet and IP-telephony, landline phone, mobile communication.
Air / railway tickets, theatre tickets, lottery tickets.
Taxes and fines
Traffic fines and taxes (via "Cyberplat").
Adding funds to virtual accounts in computer games.
Delivery of parcels, rental of premises.

Business solution configurator

Use the business solution configurator available on the desktop version of the website or fill in the form here and make a query. We will develop an individual offer for you taking into account your request in two options: with purchase of the licenses and for SAAS model

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Business solution configurator
The modular architecture of Canopus products allows you to assemble only those modules that are necessary for your business.
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Choose an optimal configuration using our business solution configurator. Click on required modules, fill in and make a query. We will develop an individual offer for you taking into account your request in two options: with purchase of the licenses and for SAAS model
Selected module
ABS core
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Business-logic setting
  • Payment and document processing
  • Currency exchange
  • Reporting
  • Administering
  • Rates and fees
  • Correspondent banks
AML – Anti-money laundering
KYC – Know your client
Banking API (SOAP/JSON) for operation of client applications
SMS gateway

Registration of retail and corporate clients

Authorization of client's one-time password, hardware token and mobile token operations.

Accounts, statements, payments, conversions, payment templates, transaction history, back office messaging.

Selected module
Mobile token (mobile OTP/MAC generator)

iOs and Android mobile applications enable authorization of a web / mob bank user with one-time codes generated on the basis of its personal keys.

The login code is time-limited.

When signing payments, the code is also generated on the basis of payment details entered to the application through scanning the QR-code.

The applications do NOT require Internet connection.

Selected module
Mobile bank iOS and Android

Accounts, statements, payments, conversions, payment templates, transaction history, back office messaging.

Authorization of client's one-time password, hardware token and mobile token operations.

Selected module
Card acquiring (Card2Account payments)
  • For web-bank clients: replenishment of own account by remittance from any personal bank card VISA/Mastercard (via our gateway to Cauri).
  • For back-office operator: browsing through the list of client's card2account transactions.
Selected module
Bank cards

A web-bank user has access to card opening requests, list and status of the cards and requests, card enabling / locking / unlocking, card statement, card reloading from own account, and list of holds.

Selected module
Card replenishment (Account2Card payments)
  • For a web-bank client: replenishment of any VISA / Mastercard bank card from personal account (via our gateway to WinPay).
  • For back-office operator: browsing through the list of client's account2card transactions.
Selected module
Crypto currencies

Gateways to Bitcoin and Ethereum networks by crypto currency, single wallet for all clients (=> internal transmittances require no network), crypto currency accounting through traditional multi-currency accounts, crypto currency input / output, crypto currency purchase / sale.

Selected module
MoneyRemittance configuration

Web-office of Agent Operator for receipt, editing, cancellation and issuing of transfers.

Web-office of Agent Manager for control of own service points, limits, currencies, operators, and reports.

Back office for maintenance of uniform catalogs, client and agent limits, tariffs, rates, black lists, monitoring of agent transactions.

Optionally - integration with Unistream DPA.

Selected module
  • Overdraft (product) type and parameter setting
  • The register of overdraft loan agreements for clients
  • Calculation of % by overdrafts and generation of accounting entries
  • Repayment profiles
  • Creation of an overdraft loan agreement
  • Overdraft loan agreement follow-up (administration)
  • Overdraft loan servicing
Selected module
  • Deposit product setting
  • Deposit interest calculation procedure
  • Deposit agreement registration
  • Deposit agreement follow-up
  • Deposit closing
  • Requests for deposit opening in web-bank
  • Deposit ID of an account + account display for accrual of interest in web-bank
Selected module
Connect configuration

Back office for administering of service providers, services, paymasters, rates, sale of native services, for management reporting.

Paymaster WKS for acceptance of cash and bank card payments in offices for service providers' services and native services, as well as taking IMD readings.

Payment site for direct client's payment for a chosen service allowing for transfer of IMD readings, using a bank card.

Selected module
API for merchants (e-stores) PSP

Allows an online store customer to pay for goods / services in cash from personal account in PSP.

Subject to integration with Skrill, payment can be effected from personal Skrill wallet.

Your modules:
Integration with banks and payment systems
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