ABS core

The ABS core is a multi-component system which includes all the necessary tools for the implementation of key monitoring and management functions of a financial organization.

The following major components can be identified among the entire range of modules:

  • Operator WKS: it is used for the main back office operating activities and covers the processes of transaction processing, client registration and client data operations, accounting and reporting, customer support and AML monitoring;
  • Administrator WKS: is a group of functions for system configuration. This application allows to manage back office users, maintain a currency catalog, manage rates and extra charges, configure the account chart and rate scale. A system worth mentioning is the integrated business process designer consisting of two components: data set configuration for a specific transaction / document / process, and implementation of a life cycle consisting of a sequence of statuses and available actions.
  • WEB-bank: client's web-office for managing their accounts and performing transactions (international transfers, transfers within the system, currency conversion), and for back office messaging. Transaction confirmation security is ensured by means of a two-factor authentication (using one-time e-mail / SMS codes, a hardware token, a mobile token, a payment password). A multi-signature option is available (N signatures are required for transaction confirmation), if several persons have access to the client’s accounts. There is also an option which allows submitting online requests for opening a private or a corporate account.

It is also necessary to mention some important system components, which are related to all of the above components:

  • AML – a set of tools for controlling suspicious transactions. The basic system supply includes a sanction list catalog and a number of checks related to such lists: client registration data, information about the payer, recipient, payment origin or destination country, when processing international transactions. The result of the check is displayed in the back-office user interface. The system also features settings of client limits for the total volume of transactions within a specified period and restrictions on the amount of each single transaction. Additional checks can be implemented using the business process designer.
  • KYC – client catalogs include an exhaustive set of fields for collection and storage of information about both natural and legal entities. Scanned copies of documents can be uploaded, and the validity period of certain types of documents is monitored automatically.
  • SMS gateway – a component providing SMS notifications to clients. During the system installation process, a choice of several integrated SMS providers is offered. It is also technically possible to connect other providers.
  • Banking API (SOAP / JSON) ensures easy and fast system integration. This single sign-on system is also used by mobile apps and web-bank.
  • Rates loader – in addition to manual input of currency rates, it configures their automatic uploading. Currently, automatic uploading from a number of banking and stock sources is implemented.