Cash remittance

The cash remittance system may be used as a separate instance and includes several components:

  • Web-office of Agent Operator for sending, editing, cancellation and issuing of transfers. Its additional functions include client identification using the key data, loading additional client info from the client catalog, rates calculation and a branch catalog.
  • Web-office of Agent Manager includes an operator catalog and a tool for setting their access level, provides control of service points, and allows to set transaction limits. The system is fully accommodated for working in various time zones and with payments, which are received in one currency and paid out in a different one.
  • Back office for maintenance of uniform catalogs, defining client and agent limits taking into account several transaction parameters, management of tariffs and rates, ensuring that the blacklists are up-to-date and monitoring of agent transactions. This system module also generates reports, with an option of being automatically sent to agents.

An optional component of this module is integration with Unistream DPA.